Skirting board

Skirting board

The skirting board is for hidden doorframes. It forms one line with the wall and thus preserves the clean design of the concealed doorframe solution

About the product

The undeniable advantage of the concealed skirting board is that there is no risk of collision with the door, unlike the traditional protruding skirting board. If a traditional skirting board is protruding in front of the lining level in the door passage, the door leaf can’t be opened with a concealed doorframe.

Two skirting board versions:

1. Recessed skirting board with an aluminium cover profile made of recessed anchor profile and visible cover profile. It can be surface treated with any shade from the RAL K7 (except for metallic and reflective shades), NCS or Creative Metallic swatch books. The skirting board is for drywall and masonry crossbars. Another big advantage is additional placement of cables and LED lighting in the skirting board.

2. Recessed skirting board allows adhesion of floor covering, and is made of recessed anchoring profile, which is for adhering visible floor covering (which allows visual harmonization of the skirting board with the floor). The flooring has a fixed thickness of 9 mm. This skirting board is only intended for plastering (masonry) walls; it cannot be used with drywall crossbars.


  • anodized aluminium