Latente Standard

A welded pocket doorframe for single-leaf sliding doors with an option to install a mounting panel doorframe when the doorframe is flush with the contour of the wall.

About the product

A pocket doorframe designed for single-leaf sliding doors, where the traditional wooden doorframe is flush with the wall contour and the upper joint between the parts is butt welded. The Latente Standard crossbar can be used in any type of crossbar, i.e. masonry, drywall and other dry construction systems. Intended for 15 mm thick doorframes.   The Latente Standard pocket doorframe is designed to extend the range of Latente counter-frames for revolving doors. Custom dimensions available to heights of 2700 mm. The casing is compatible with all makes of door and is for wooden, all-glass, Master, Sting or Idea doors. Entire casing made of quality galvanized sheet metal and aluminium profile. For a masonry crossbar, it is necessary to equip the construction opening with a lintel — the pocket doorframe cannot bear a load.

  • intended for a crossbar thickness of 125 mm or 150 mm
  • use for drywall and masonry crossbar
  • optional custom dimensions to passage height of 2700 mm
  • maximum weight of each door leaf 90 kg
  • high-quality, very quiet travelling mechanism in a special aluminium rail
  • mounting panel widths 50 & 65 mm
  • removable rail
  • adjustable front and rear stop
  • guide pin with precise definition at the centre of the casing
  • a switch can be placed on the casing pocket
  • 10-year warranty

For extra charge:

  • to mount an all-glass door leaf, a Vetro 22 fixture must be ordered 
  • optional single-side or double-side silent stop 

Technical information

Standard width of passage600 - 1200 mm
Standard height of passage1970 mm and 2100 mm
Custom passage heightmax 2700 mm
Minimal thickness of finished crossbar125 mm
Maximum weight of each door leaf90 kg
External thickness of casing100 mm
Maximum thickness of door leaf for outer casing dimension 100 mm68 mm


  • galvanized sheet metal
  • aluminium rail


  • not painted

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