“Our goal is to deliver customers construction elements of high quality and imaginative design.”

PaedDr. Petr Paksi, DBA,

Why JAP?

A Czech product

We are a Czech company, and since 1991 we have made products inspired by trends the world over.

Custom manufacturing

We can adapt all products to each customer’s specific needs.

Premium design

We are committed to delivering premium-quality building components with imaginative design.

A comprehensive portfolio

We are currently the leading Czech manufacturer — and not just because of our broad selection.

How we’ve evolved over time


1991 – Company founded

1992 – LUSSO ceiling attic stairs

1995 – VERTICALE attic stairs for upright walls

1996 – Interior and exterior spiral staircases

1998 – Interior segmented staircases

1999 – Interior offerings expanded with “miller’s stairs”

2000 – Production of thermally insulated flame-resistant attic stairs

2001 – Norma pocket door frames for sliding doors 

2003 – Sliding systems, fittings and handles for sliding doors

2008 – Stainless-steel railings

2009 – Grafoglass

2010 – ARISTO added to attic staircase range

2011 – Trix and Rollo sliding systems

2012 – Glass walls

2013 – Aktive, Emotive and Latente added to the line of pocket door frames

2014 – Aktive and Emotive hidden rotary aluminium doorframes

2015 – Master and Sting premium doors from aluminium and glass

2016 – Master Clear premium doors

2017 – Idea premium doors

2018 – Efekta cladding system

2019 – Idealine and Ideanet premium doors

2020 – Aluminium and steel mounting panels for pocket door frames


And we’re always developing new solutions!



JAP Future s.r.o. has joined the “Innovative Voucher” programme. The purpose of the Innovative Voucher programme is to develop communication and to share knowledge and expertise between business and research. The programme is co-financed by the European Union.

The project involves fire resistance tests of double-leaf wooden doors in a hidden aluminium frame and single-leaf wooden doors in a steel frame. The goal is to gain fire resistance classification EI 30 for these doors and frames.

This fire resistance test service greatly benefits JAP Future s.r.o. in bringing new products to market. Testing the fire resistance of wooden doors in hidden aluminium frames makes the products more competitive, which fundamentally supports the company’s competitiveness and standing in the market.

The fire resistance tests were done by the accredited test lab PAVUS a.s., at its facility in Veselí nad Lužnicí, Czech Republic.


Project within the Innovative Voucher programme – Challenge IV.

EI30 fire resistance testing of JAP hidden aluminium and steel doorframes

(project registration number CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/18_215/0018265)


Our story


JAP Future s.r.o. is a fully Czech-owned manufacturing firm founded in December 1991 near Přerov, Czech Republic. Starting as a small regional company, we gradually became one of the leading Czech producers of building components and unique interior solutions.

The first product we specialized in were LUSSO folding attic stairs. We mainly exported them abroad. Three years later, we added attic stairs for upright walls. 

In 1996 we decided to expand into custom interior and exterior spiral staircases. There was great customer interest, so based on market demand, we decided to add interior segmented staircases to our offerings, and a year later the popular “miller’s staircases”.

In 2000, the selection of attic stairs expanded to include thermally insulated (LUSSO ZP) and flame-resistant (LUSSO PP) versions. All our attic stairs are distinctive for their modern design and extremely easy handling. We offer them in three types — Aristo, Kombo and Lusso folding stairways. All folding stairways feature flame resistance certified through testing in the Czech Republic and Germany.

A year later, we brought a new product to the market — Norma mounting panel pocket door frames for sliding doors. Later, we started producing Norma casings in several types — Norma Standard, Norma Komfort, Norma Parallel and Norma Unibox. We deliver all pocket door frames in two versions — for masonry partitions and drywall in double-leaf and single-leaf designs. Pocket door frames from our production lines stand out for their combination of utility and aesthetics.

In 2003, we also added sliding systems to our portfolio. If the customer can’t use a track in the wall, we offer solutions with sliding systems behind the wall. These were immediately offered in several ranges. A couple years later, we expanded our portfolio to stainless-steel railings, which we custom make or sell to customers as components. 

The designer product Grafoglass came to the product line in 2009. Grafoglass is tempered glass with laminated digital printing or textiles. It allows designers to harmonize the interior as a single unit. This makes it possible to use one motif, as a kitchen unit cladding or as a door leaf pane. Thus, they can be used to create a designer glass wall or a wall cladding. The motif selected depends solely on the customer’s imagination. We make Grafoglass to order. 

Since 2012, we have been making and offering glass walls  in 10 model lines, which combine various arrangements for glass panes, doors and skylights. A year later, we expanded our pocket door frame offerings, and the Norma line was joined by Latente, Emotive and Aktive. 2014’s innovation was Latente, Emotive and Aktive concealed doorframes. 

Premium doors are an extraordinary interior addition that meets exacting specifications — we have been making them since 2015 and continuously improve them and develop new versions. Premium doors include Master, Sting and Idea. All JAP premium doors can discretely blend into their surroundings or create the dominant theme of the space. 

The modern, multi-purpose Efekta cladding system has been out since 2018. This new product is used in homes, offices and shops. Thanks to its universality and wide range of multi-functional additions, such as drawers, shelves, hangers, etc., it satisfies customers who want an effective solution but also like luxurious materials and workmanship. 

A year ago, we expanded the Idea range of premium doors with two siblings. Idealine and Ideanet. Idealine is characterized by attractive divided glass with subtle vertical and horizontal aluminium profiles in various arrangements. The Ideanet model also has a gold or silver metal mesh laminated between the two glass plates. This gives the door a very effective decorative and functional element. 

This year we focused on producing aluminium and steel casings for Norma, Latente and Profikit frames. The mounting panels are suitable for loading and commercial spaces. The Dynamik aluminium doorframe is good for companies where cold, modern aluminium must be used, and it is also used in day spas, swimming pools and anywhere the cladding should not absorb moisture. The Metalo steel cladding is suitable anywhere it is surrounded by revolving steel doorframes — mainly functional spaces like hospitals and production halls. Metalo can be used on any mass-produced frame.

And let’s not forget our two modern designer showrooms with professionally trained personnel in Přerov and Prague. One thing special about both our showrooms is the way individual products are presented, placed in real interiors. It is all done according to timeless worldwide trends in apartment design.

Our technical department constantly develops new products and perfects existing ones. They’ve currently prepared proposals for several new products, some of which are already in the testing phase. We look forward to introducing them to you soon. 

Design, quality, high-level functionality and reliability are the basic elements that characterize our products. The synergy of these qualities results in useful products and at the same time outstanding interior appointments. This is all thanks to innovative design, careful workmanship and sophisticated technical solutions.